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Bazic Tarp/Bangkit U.S.A. Inc. partners with factories around the world to produce a line of quality products. Since 1998, Bazic Tarp has packaged and distributed these products from our Headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Selling to retailers and distributors across the United States, Canada, Asia, Southern and Central America; Bazic Tarp developed a reputation as a reliable and flexible partner with innovative and great quality products. This led to distribution agreements with drug stores, grocery stores, discount stores, even some major retailers.

Bazic Tarp has achieved tremendous success providing our customers with the utmost quality products while staying true to the singular purpose that has always guided us: to build the value of our company’s products while maintaining the bottom- line dollar ‘value’ of our brand. We achieve this by leveraging our end-user insight to continuously deliver creative and innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We focus relentlessly on our customers, judging our performance by their growth, and our prospects by the faith they show in us. This enduring strength is rooted in our souls and permeates into our vision and our work. It’s what makes our customer relations last long and strong—and sets us apart from other companies in the industry.
Building a brand today requires a keen understanding of how new communications technology, new channels, and vibrant creativity combine. This is a world where the consumer is now in control, and consumer insight is paramount, and so the quality and diversity of our products is vital.
We are a values-driven company, guided by the principles of excellence through strong product design at low cost. Our commitment to these values is reflected in our dedication to improving current products and developing new exciting products for our consumers.
Our currency are ideas… We thrive on imagination, passion and leadership… We have great products. And the bottom line is, we will rise with you…

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