Bazic DIY Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner.  Have you gotten your costumes ready yet?  Fear not cause we’ve got you covered!

Bazic DIY Costumes-01_blog

These fun costumes were made completely out of our everyday essential products and they were so easy to make!  So, grab your crafting materials and let’s get started…


DIY Emoji Costume_blog

This little costume only requires a few simple materials: yellow poster board, markers, scissors and duct tape.  Cut out a circle from your poster board to fit the majority of your body. Fold a long piece of duct tape (the specific size depends on where you want the costume to sit in front of you) in half lengthwise to use as a strap for the top and you’re ready to create any emoji you’d like.  You can make a winky face if you’re feeling flirty; a celebration face if you’re ready to party; a yummy face if you’re hoping for some delicious trick or treating…the possibilities are endless with this emoji costume. We went with a love emoji cause we’re so in love with how cute and easy this was to make!

Guess Who?

DIY Guess Who Costume_blog

This DIY is a great throwback to a fun game from your childhood.  Another great costume that only requires a few items: foam board, cutter, and alphabet stickers.  Use your cutter to cut the foam board into a square shape and then cut out the middle so it turns into a frame.  Then all you need to do is use the alphabet stickers to spell out “Guess Who” at the top and then the name of your character on the bottom. You could use any of the classic characters from the game or take it even further and put your own spin on it.

Paper Doll

DIY Paper Doll Costume_blog

You can go glam with out all the hassle of ever leaving your leggings and tank top with this paper doll costume!   This DIY is a play on cute paper doll crafts so you can design the outfit any way you want to fit your style. Two pieces of colored foam board were used to make this outfit.  Just draw out your design and use a cutter to trim it out. Don’t forget to cut a few extra rectangular pieces to attach as tabs to complete the look. Use a black marker to line the edges of the dress and put dotted lines on the tabs.  We used silicone glue to attach the tabs to the dress.  Glitter duct tape was the perfect material to use to make straps and a fun little bow to the design. Don’t forget a fun accessory too, like a matching headband bow or a purse. Attaching the bow to a plain fabric headband with some duct tape made is easier to wear. Accessories are always the fun little extra touch to finish off any outfit and this paper doll bow is no exception!

Your Favorite Coffee

DIY Coffee Costume_blog

Who doesn’t love coffee?  This costume combines your daily dose of caffeine with all the cuteness you need this Halloween.  You can make this costume with white poster board, some decorative duct tape, and a little homemade logo.  Add in some extra items you have lying around the house – some ribbon for straps (or you can make your own with duct tape as well), cotton stuffing as whipped cream, and a hat with a green rolled up construction paper for a straw and you’ll be the cutest caffeinated beverage in town!

We hope you all enjoyed these cute Bazic DIY costumes as much as we have.  If you created your own DIY costume using our products, don’t forget to tag us on any of our social media channels to be featured!