Celestial Crafts

Daylight Savings Time may mean darker skies earlier in the day but we don’t mind cause we get an extra hour this weekend!  Here are a few fun crafts you can make that really capture the beauty of the nighttime sky:

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Stargazing Telescope


The best thing about it getting dark outside earlier is that you’ll be able to stargaze!  Make a simple telescope with your little ones to make it extra fun. All you need to do is to decorate a 6 in. x 11 in. piece of poster board with stickers and glitter tape.  We used a correction pen to write a cute saying on this piece of black poster board to remind us to always “shoot for the stars!” Then you just roll it up into a tube and adhere it together with some tape. We added a small piece of the glitter tape just to make it look more like a telescope.  Your little ones will love how easy it is to make their own personalized telescopes.

Amazing Constellations

Constellation Cards

Ever look up into the sky and wonder what the names of those amazing constellations are?  It’s easy to create some quick flash cards as a quick reference to some of the most famous constellations like the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper.  All you need is some unruled index cards, star labels, a ruler, a black pen, and some colored glitter pens for extra sparkle. Have the kids look up some constellations and jot down their favorite ones.  It’s fun and informative! Great for your next scouting event and family camp out too!

Galaxy in a Jar

Galaxy in a Jar

On the days that the sky just isn’t clear enough to see the stars, you can always make your own galaxy in a jar.  It also doubles as a calm down bottle and is great for sensory play. All you need is a few items around the house: empty bottle with cap, glitter, baby oil, water, and silicone glue.  Fill a clean, empty bottle with water so that it’s about half full. Add in some glitter.  We used medium sized glitter but fine glitter would be just as nice.  You can even add in some star shapes, jewels or plastic confetti pieces for extra fun. Fill the rest of the bottle with baby oil.  Make sure you place some silicone glue on the cap before you screw it on, so no little ones accidentally open it and spill the stars on your favorite carpet.  Now all that’s left to do is shake.  It’s such a simple craft to make and there’s just something so mesmerizing about seeing all the glitter swirl around. Enjoy your very own galaxy, in the palm of your hands!  Check out the one we made on YouTube to see all the sparkles!

Enjoy the extra hour of daylight savings time by grabbing your new telescope and do some stargazing tonight!