DIY – Animal Bracelet

Looking for a fun and creative DIY project that showcases your love for animals? Look no further than the DIY Animal Bracelet! This project is easy to make and can be customized to feature your Butterfly or Lion in any color scheme you choose. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps to create your own Animal Bracelet. Let’s get started!

Materials you will need:

Watch our step-by-step tutorial to create your DIY Animal Bracelet:

Step 1: Gather materials

Step 2: Color template

Step 3: Cut out template. Make sure you also cut the dotted lines

Step 4: Glue Butterfly / Lion to one of the half circles

Step 5: Wrap bracelet around wrist and interlock the two half circles

Step 6: Enjoy!

If you’re local to Los Angeles County, gather the kids and join us at the LA Times Festival of Books at USC! Here, your children will get to make this easy and fun craft in-person with all our materials listed above, while also enjoy drawing on our chalk boards, playing our cornhole game, and getting free BAZIC Products gifts on April 22nd and 23rd!

We hope to see you there! 😄

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