DIY Hot Air Balloon

☁️ Up, up and away! ☁️

Has your first month into the new year been flying high? We hope you have been enjoying it as well as our other January crafts 😊 Here is our last one to finish off the month, so go on and float into the sky with this fun craft!

Materials you will need:

Step 1: Cut template.

Step 2: Trace template onto poster board and cut.

Step 3: Fold each petal in half.

Step 4: Glue 5 petals together.

Step 5: Cut the strip from the template, fold into a square and tape.

Step 6: Decorate the square to make a basket.

  • We used the poster board and a hole puncher to decorate the basket.

Step 7: Tuck in the hot-air balloon into the basket.

  • We used some glue stick to put it in place

Step 8: Enjoy!

Watch our step-by-step tutorial to create your Hot-Air Balloon:

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