DIY Make a Gift Day

🎁 December 3rd is Make a Gift Day! 🎁

This unofficial holiday encourages people to create gifts for their loved ones during the holiday season. We hope you enjoy making this craft along with the other gifts you will be preparing for this Christmas! πŸ˜„

Materials you will need:

Disclaimer – not all materials listed are from Bazic Products

(Mini) Gift Box:

Craft Stick Sleigh:

Step 1: Gather your materials.

Step 2: Making the (mini) Gift Box

  • Take any colored construction paper and cut it into a 9x9cm square.
  • Mark at 3cm and 6cm on all of the sides and draw out the lines.
  • Should have 9 boxes inside the square.
  • Fold the lines.
  • Cut middle lines to create an ‘H’ (when you fold in the top and bottom middle boxes.)
  • Bring the sides together and glue to create an open box.

Now you completed the bottom part of the gift box!
On to the top part..

  • Take any colored construction paper and cut it into a 5.2×5.2cm square.
  • Mark at 1cm on all sides and draw out the lines.
  • Should look like you have a border and a large square in the middle.
  • Fold lines.
  • If you look at each corner, there is a small box.. with every corner box, cut the right side. Repeat for all corners.
  • Bring the sides together and glue to create a top lid.

And now you completed the top part of the gift box!

Step 3: Assembling the Gift Box

  • Put together the bottom box and top lid.. voila! You have a gift box!

Step 4: Decorate

  • You can use (mini) gift bows or curling ribbon to give your box the finishing touches ✨

Step 5: Making the Craft Stick Sleigh

  • Take 5 craft sticks and align them to look like a sleigh.
  • With another craft stick, cut it in half and fix the edges to make it look nice.
  • With the 2 pieces of craft stick that has been cut in half, place them on the sleigh and glue.
  • Let the glue set.

Step 6: Attaching Candy Canes to Sleigh

  • Take 2 candy canes and glue them to the bottom of the sleigh.
    Note: be patient and let the glue set before moving on.

Step 7: Decorate

  • Take a strand of (satin) ribbon and tie it to the 2 candy canes.

Step 8: Enjoy!

  • You can glue the paper gift to the sleigh or leave it as is if you want to replace it with something different.

Watch our step-by-step tutorial to create your Gift Box + Sleigh craft:

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