DIY Mother’s Day Flower

“She’s mum-believable!”

🌼 Gift your mom this Mother’s Day with a flower that is sure going to surprise her 🌼

Materials you will need:

Step 1: Gather your materials

Step 2: Cut out flower from template

Step 3: Trace flower template to any color construction paper and cut out

Step 4: For the center of the flower: draw a circle, cut out, and glue to the center

  • Option: draw a circle in the center of the flower and color

Step 5: Decorate your flower

Step 6: Fold the flower – fold diagonally on both sides, then fold in half (see photo for reference)

Step 6.5: Fold the flower – fold in the left and right “heart” petals (see photo for reference)

Step 7: Color and cut out butterfly from template

Step 8: Glue / tape butterfly to paper clip

Step 9: Tape decorative pencil to the flower and clip butterfly to hold flower in place

Step 10: Enjoy!

Watch our video on how to create your Mother’s Day Flower:

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