EVENTS: OneLegacy DonateLife Run / Walk

We had a wonderful time at OneLegacy DonateLife Run / Walk last Saturday, April 29th, where we had the opportunity to showcase our products and activities at our booth. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who stopped by and took the time to visit us.

Throughout the event, we featured one of our DIYs – Animal Bracelet, and had our chalkboards and cornholes out for people to draw and play with. People were also able to pick out a free item when they sign up with us.

We were thrilled to see such interest in our products and activities, and it was truly rewarding to connect with so many people who share our passion for school and office products.

Overall, the event was a great one and we are grateful to everyone who made it possible.

📷 Check out some of the photos from the event! 📷

We would like to thank the OneLegacy DonateLife event organizers for their hard work in putting together such a fantastic event, and we look forward to participating in future events. Once again, thank you to everyone who visited our booth and showed interest in our products and activities.

For more information on OneLegacy DonateLife visit their website at

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