DONATION: Hamady Elementary

Back in September 2022, we received a message from Mrs. Amanda Riggie who is a Special Education Resource Teacher with the Westwood Heights School district. She told us that she works with students who are in grades Kindergarten and 1st Grade and that in her classroom, she has students who are identified as having Autism, Cognitive Impairments, Speech and Language disabilities, and Learning disabilities.

Amanda was happy to share that our products have been amazing at helping create a colorful and helpful learning environment. She uses a variety of fashion duct tapes, neon tapes, and more. In her class, each student is allowed to pick a tape and it is then assigned to them. One student in particular loves his stripes but unfortunately, Amanda ran out of the orange and purple Chevron tape. She reached out to us asking if there is any way for us to help her due to the lack of funds.

We were happy to help with this request and sent out a small package of the Chevron tape they ran out of. After receiving their package, Amanda emailed back to us saying that the students loved opening it. She sent us some photos of her students with the tape they receive as well as the use of it in their classroom.

BAZIC Products wishes Mrs. Amanda Riggie and her class a great school year!