Happy National California Day!

National California Day_social mediaFacebook + Instagram 01Happy National California Day! California, the golden state, where you can immerse yourself with the arts in San Francisco; be one with nature in the Sequoia national park; or see your name in lights in Hollywood. Everything your heart desires can be found on this vast west coast state. So grab your pen and notebook, and start making a list of all the places you’ll want to visit on this celebratory day!  Here are a few that we enjoy:

  1. Golden Gate Bridge – When in San Fran, you can’t miss the iconic suspension bridge.  This one mile wide strait connects the the Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  It’s gorgeous on even the foggiest of days. It’s a site perfect for scouts to do their bridging ceremonies (where they walk from one end to the other, signifying they’re growth into another level of scouting).  There are even benches right by the parking lot area where you can sit and do some journaling in your composition book or sketching.

  1. Lombard Street – This famously crooked street is just a short one block section in the heart of San Francisco, but you’ll find lots of cars trying to navigate their way around the eight hairpin turns (and crowds of people trying to get a good selfie) at any given day. It’s such a picturesque scene that it’s the subject of numerous landscape art pieces. Go ahead and grab a brush, some paint, and create your own masterpiece!

  1. Sequoia National Park – There’s nothing like a giant tree to put life in perspective.  In this Land of Giants, you’ll find magnificent trees dominating this forest in such a beautiful way. The underground Crystal Cave is also a sight not to be missed. There’s so much to see that there’s a trail for everyone. This is definitely Mother Nature at its finest. This is the perfect place for kids to create their own story using their own journal. Don’t forget your box of crayons cause every good story deserves an equally fantastical picture.

  1. Hollywood – Bright lights, beautiful smiles, and all that glitters is what you usually think of when you hear Hollywood. There’s so much more going on in this captivating city than the famous entertainment business.  Aside from the usual touristy places like the TCL Chinese Theatre, where you can step in the footprints of your fav celeb; or the Walk of Fame, where you can pose next to your fav celeb’s star; there are places like the Hollywood Bowl that host several amazing orchestras, and the vast array of eateries where you can sample food from all over the world. Seriously, there’s so much good food around here, it’s hard to choose a favorite. Make sure you have your calendars clear cause it’s going to take a while to eat, we mean get, through all this city has to offer.

  1. Museums – If you’re looking for some art in your life, look no further.  California is home to various museums ranging from fine art museums, where you’ll want to take along your own magnifier to admire all those little details; to selfie museums where you’re the star.

These are just a few things to get your list started but we guarantee you’re gonna need a bigger notebook in no time!