Happy National Inspire your Heart with Art Day!

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In honor of today being National Inspire your Heart with Art Day, we thought we’d go over a few fun things you could do for some Artzi inspiration to color your hearts with happiness:

  1. Create some beautiful landscape art of your own with a paint pad and some watercolors. Your local park is a great place to capture the wonder of Mother Nature on your canvas.
  2. Grab your sketchbook and pencils to check out some art at a local museum. Recreate your favorite pieces to take home. Many places even offer free admission once a month.
  3. The walkway to your front door is another great blank canvas to fill with some colorful sidewalk chalk. Let your imagination run wild!
  4. When your heart is filled with love, shout it out loud for the world to hear. In this case, create a poster to show how happy you are! All you need is some poster paint, a poster board, and your favorite cheer!
  5. Give a broken frame new life by creating something inspiring with some decorative duct tape.
  6. Feeling a little stressed?  Use modeling clay to de-stress while sculpting something wonderful at the same time.
  7. Even a blank piece of paper can turn into a beautiful piece of art with the right inspiration. Challenge yourself with some creative origami designs using just simple square sheets of colored paper.
  8. Inspiration comes when we are the most clear.  Relax with some crayons and coloring books for both you and your little one.
  9. Paint for those you love; or better yet, paint those whom you love! Oil pastels are the perfect medium to create a portrait for your loved ones. Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.
  10. Nothing is complete without that extra sparkle that only glitter can give. All you need is poster board, glue and glitter to create some fantastical scenes.

Go ahead. Be inspired by all that is around you. Create to your heart’s content.

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