NEW: 18 Colored Pencils

Explore the art of coloring with our new colored pencils!

We now offer an additional set with 6 new colors ( dark orange, dark red, pear green, lime green, grey, and white) that beautifully complement our existing 12 colors. Vivid and smooth, these colored pencils are perfect for drawing, coloring, sketching, shading, detailing, and blending.

Add a vibrant hues to your drawings by using our pre-sharpened colored pencils. The hexagonal barrel of the colored pencils were made for a comfortable grip and prevents them from rolling off your desks. The tips of the pencils are high quality as they do not break easily.

Exercising your creativity is good for your soul, and is a great way to ease your mind. Buy our assortment of 12 and 18 colored pencils to create beautiful art pieces today!

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