NEW: Jumbo Correction Tape with 2-Way Applicator

Correct your mistakes instantly and keep your papers looking clean with our new Jumbo Correction Tape! Correction tape is such a must-have item on your desk due to its super easy application and its precision. There’s no drying time required and it promises a smooth surface for re-writing. Easy to write on, correction tape is ideal for both school and office. It can be written over immediately with pens, pencils, markers, or most writing instruments.

Our new correction tape comes with 2-way applicator. You can easily twist the knob to adjust the orientation from upright to sideway, making it ideal for both left and right handed users. The translucent body shows how much tape is remaining and each dispenser contains 10.9 yards of correction tape. It also features a self-tightening mechanism to prevent the tape from looping and pulling.

No more scratching and crossing out your paper, finding good correction tape can help make your writing look a lot neater. Communicate your ideas clearly and present your writing neatly with the help of our new Jumbo Correction Tape!