NEW: 12 Metallic Colored Pencils

🌟✨ Shining, Shimmering, Splendid ✨🌟

Coloring just got a lot more interesting with our LATEST 12 Metallic Colored Pencils. Featuring a shimmering effect on drawings with highly pigmented colors to give artwork a lasting impression. Smooth blending allows for an even color lay down and smooth coverage. Easily add highlights to drawings with the silver pencil to have illustrations pop out of the page.

These Metallic Colored Pencils are perfect for drawing, coloring, sketching, and shading. Comes pre-sharpened, ready to use to get those metallic effects put on your art work. Great for kids and adults who enjoy to color and like unique colors that will make any art work dazzle.

Make papers shine with the new Metallic Colored Pencils!