NEW: Hang Without Making Holes With Our Double Sided Clear Mounting Tape

💪 Stick with Confidence 💪

Being a creative means that you want to hang up a lot of stuff but not necessarily want to damage any wall to do so. This Double Sided Clear Mounting Tape will ensure that you can hang things up without damaging your walls with holes or worrying about it falling. Made from an acrylic adhesive, this tape can hold up to 15lbs (1 pound per 4 inches). 

This Crystal Double Sided Tape is easy to install and features an instant bonding with no tools required. It’s transparent which makes it perfect to put on other transparent objects such as window decorations and is also not only long-lasting, waterproof, weatherproof, but also heavy duty.  

Use this Mounting Tape for a strong and durable bond to metal, wood, glass, stone, brick, concrete, plastic, tile, and ceramic. Stick it on almost any smooth surface. This tape has a permanent adhesive which can hold heavy items indoors and outdoors and can be used in temperatures of -4 to 248.

Perfect for do-it-yourself projects

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