NEW: Multipurpose Utility Box Ruler Length

Your Organized Space Starts Here

All those little things you have scattered around your house, such as bobby pins, craft supplies, office supplies, etc —well, wouldn’t it be nice if they were organized? Your little things can easily get lost if there is not a designated place to store them. Want to know a simple organization hack to help you keep track of all the small stuff? our Clear Multipurpose Utility Box! It features a transparent clear color design to keep content visible and a lid design to allow for stacking of multiple cases for better space utilization. You can simply press the latch down toward the case for the mechanism to lock as designed. The ruler length also makes it the perfect pencil box for your kids. It holds 12 inches rulers with lots of extra space for the other school supplies.

To ensure that the small items are easy to find, you need to label everything. Labeling is one of the simplest, yet most effective organizing tricks. When you use labels for organizing, you hold yourself accountable for putting that item back in its home. Labeling also lets others know where things go. Organizing doesn’t have to be complicated, create your own storage system today with our new Clear Multipurpose Utility Box!

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