NEW: Pen Style & Mini Pastel Highlighter

Introducing our newest addition, the Pen Style & Mini Pastel Highlighter. These new highlighters are perfect for students, professionals, and anyone who loves to organize their notes in a colorful and eye catching way.

The Pen Style Pastel Highlighter comes in a convenient pack of 5 colors with a pocket clip that makes it easy to carry around in your pocket or notebook. The soft pastel colors makes notes stand out but gentle on the eyes. The Pen Style barrel design is ergonomic makes it comfortable to hold to write and highlight with precision.

Our Mini Pastel Highlighters comes with the same 5 pastel color choices with a detachable cap clip that can easily attach to your notebook, planner, key chains, or lanyards to make it ideal for doing tasks on the go. 

Both highlighters feature a chisel tip that allows for versatility use. You can use the broad edge for highlighting and the fine edge for underlining or writing notes.

In summary, our Pen Style Pastel Highlighter and Mini Pastel Highlighter are must haves for anyone who loves to highlight and organize their notes in a fun and colorful way. Try them out today and add a pop of pastel to your note taking routine!