NEW PRODUCTS: 1″ 3-Ring View Binder (Glitter & Tinted)

3166-3168_EBmainTOPTime to get organized! While we already have tons of 3-Ring binders available to choose from, we’ve decided to release something that’ll definitely stand out from the typical, boring colors you see everywhere. Now introducing glitter and bright color tinted view binders!


  • 1″ thick binder, can hold up to 175 sheets.
  • Two inner pockets.
  • Ideal for home, school and office.
  • Available in green, blue, red and purple for the Glitter/Tint series, and available in pink, lime, blue and cyan in the Tinted View series.

We have a couple of bright colors to choose from within the Glitter and Tint-view series, but we have plenty to choose from if you want something a little more plain. Feel free to check out our selection on our website!