NEW PRODUCTS: Fluorescent Color Triangle Crayons (6-PACK)

2502_EBmainTOPIf you’re looking for the perfect coloring tool your your kids, look no further! Designed to ensure children have a good grip on their crayons (and not roll around everywhere), these triangle shaped fluorescent crayons are the ideal coloring utensil for your young ones.


  • Brilliant, bright fluorescent colors with each stroke.
  • Triangle shape helps develop proper writing grip for toddlers.
  • Triangle shape prevents rolling off surfaces.
  • Each pack comes in six colors: Bold Blue, Bright Green, Neon Pink, Vibrant Orange, Brilliant Red and Fluorescent Yellow.

If you’re looking to grab these crayons for the young ones, feel free to check out our online store. We also have a nice variety of other crayons, as well as markers, color pencils and pens.