NEW: Poly Cover Personal Composition book and Personal/Assignment Spiral Notebook

Fulfill All Your Personal Writing Needs

Struggling to find a multipurpose item for grocery lists, personal thoughts, or random writings/sketches? Well, our updated poly cover personal books are tailored towards all your personal needs. These miniature 5” x 7”, college ruled books are designed for easy access and portability. They’re the perfect size to stash inside your bag and to be carried around your everyday routine. Previously featured in floral, polkadot, and other patterns, our personal books are now available in an assortment of 8 solid colors: black coffee, white cloud, purple grape, blue berry, green lime, yellow banana, orange citrus, and watermelon pink. Coming in both composition form and spiral notebook, our pre-existing chipboard personal spiral notebooks are now poly cover to increase the durability of the book. Adding onto its longevity, these spiral notebooks come with secure spiral binding and a thick chipboard back cover. The personal composition books include secure sewn binding and stitched-in-sheets, maintaining the placement and stability of the sheets.

Whether it’s for office use, school use, or doodles, these notebooks will conveniently fulfill your needs. Gather your thoughts, and begin organizing them with our poly cover personal books!

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