Pop-Up Easter Egg Craft

🐣 Spring has sprung 🐣

Make this egg-stra fun Easter craft and show it off to your friends and family!

Materials you will need:

Step 1: Gather your materials

Step 2: Cut out Template

  • After cutting out the template, trace the egg to any color construction paper and cut out.
  • For the front egg, cut the “cracked” portion to have 2 pieces – trace and cut as well.

Step 3: Decorate / color Owzi

  • Cut out after decorating / coloring

Step 4: Glue Owzi’s ears to the top of the “cracked” piece

Step 5: Glue the “cracked” piece (with the ears attached) to the top of Owzi’s head

Step 6: Taking the front egg, flip it over to the back and glue both sides – leaving room in the middle to insert the craft stick

  • Once applied, stick together the front egg with the back egg.

Step 7: Decorate your egg

Step 8: Glue Owzi to the craft stick – down the middle, on the bottom half

Step 9: Enjoy!

  • Insert the craft stick into the egg and.. pop it up!

Watch our video on how to create your Pop-Up Easter Egg craft:

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