Rainbow Pot of Gold Craft

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! During these difficult times, it’s nice to be able to break out some supplies and do some arts and crafts to brighten up our day.

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Check out our YouTube for video instructions on this fun craft.


Step 1: Print out the template.

Step 2: Cut out all the pieces on several colors of poster board.  We used black for the pot, yellow for the gold pieces, and green for the lucky clover!

Step 3: Tape your lucky clover on your pot.  Don’t forget to add the gold pieces on top.

Step 4: Cut out 8 strips of 1.5 in x 11 in pieces of poster board in a variety of colors.  This will make the handle and the fantastical rainbow.

Step 5: Tape the black strip of poster board to the back of the pot.

Step 6: Loop each strip of poster board around each other and staple in place.

Step 7: Add glitter to your gold pieces for that extra dazzling effect.

Now you’re ready to hang up your work of art!  It’s an easy and fun craft to make for St. Patrick’s Day and to remind us to always look towards the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!