Valentine’s Day Card

This Valentine’s Day, make a sweet gesture to someone special with this cute Valentine’s Day Card. A simple and easy handmade Valentine’s Day Card that you can make in just a few minutes!

Materials you will need:

Note: you can create any size card as long as it is a square

Step 1: Gather materials

Step 2: With a square piece of paper, fold it in half, and in half again the other way

Step 3: Cut out the bottom right square

Step 4: Using that square, create a heart
Fold diagonally, draw half of the heart, cut out

Step 5: With that heart, trace it on the outer ends (refer to photo)

Step 6: Cut out the heart (but not completely / where the fold is)

Step 7: Should end up like this

Step 8: Fold each heart in half so that it creates another heart

Step 9: Decorate
You can add in another piece of color paper to the inside as well as the heart in the front. Add stickers and/or photos, and write messages to your loved ones

Step 10: Optional – add a piece of poster board to make the card sturdy

Step 11: Enjoy!

Watch our step-by-step tutorial to create your Valentine’s Day Card:

If you’re local to Los Angeles County, gather the kids and RSVP to Plaza West Covina‘s Valen-Dine: A Family Love Affair event! Here, your children will get to make this easy and sweet craft in-person with all our materials listed above, while also enjoying pictures at their two Valentine photo op and meet & greet with some sweetheart characters on Thursday, February 9th from 5PM – 7PM!

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