NEW: Wooden Dowels

Build a new world with just a few sticks

Are you up for DIY Projects? Do you like building new things that you see by yourself? With Bazic’s new wooden dowels, you can create all sorts of different things straight out of your imagination. 

Cover the wooden sticks with paint, glitter, ribbon, etc. to make it colorful. Or you can go the realistic route and create your own Harry Potter wand by implementing your own materials into it. These wooden dowels could also be used to create flag poles, kites and DIY photo props. What’s more, you could use them to replace the wooden pegs that were misplaced while building an Ikea item. These wooden dowels sure are practical for everyday use.

Our wooden dowels are available in 4 different packs. There’s the small sized dowels, the large sized dowels, the assorted sized dowels, and the small assorted colors dowels. With these many options, the possibilities are endless!

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