DIY Valentine’s Day Treat Box

❤️ Open up a box of surprises! ❤️

Love is in the air 😊 Ready to surprise your special someone with a Valentine’s Day Treat Box? Create this treat box and fill it with chocolates, candies, or little gifts and goodies!

Materials you will need:

Step 1: Gather your materials

Step 2: Preparing the box

  • Take any color paper and measure out 21cm x 12.5cm 
  • Along the length side, mark 5cm – 5cm – 5cm – 5cm – 1cm
    • Repeat on the bottom to create straight lines 
  • Along the width side, mark 2.5cm – 5cm – 2.5cm – 2.5cm 
    • Repeat on the bottom to create straight lines
  • Shade in areas (refer to photo)
    • You will be cutting out these parts 
  • Draw half a heart (refer to photo)
    • Try to make them even 
    • Draw ¾ line down the middle of the heart
      • You will be cutting this part at the end

Step 3: Cut

  • Have the paper facing you like this
  • Cut to wear the dotted line ends (refer to photo)

Step 4: Pre-fold the box

Step 5: Decorate

  • To decorate your box, flip it to the other side 
  • If you’re writing words, fold the box and check to see where you would want to write it

Step 6: Putting together the box

  • Glue/tape together the side and the bottom of the box

Step 7: Enjoy!

  • Fill your treat box with chocolates or small gifts!

Watch our video on how to create your Valentine’s Day Treat Box craft:

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