NEW: Modeling Clay

A World of Possibilities at Your Fingertips!

Whether you are an aspiring artist, an educator looking to enhance creative activities, or simply someone who loves to explore their artistic side, our new Natural/Earth and Fluorescent Color Modeling Clay is the perfect medium to bring your imagination to life. With its versatility, vibrant colors, and endless possibilities, our clay will take your creative endeavors to new heights.

Easy to Mold, Easy to Clean:
This clay dries solid and sticks to itself with lightly applied pressure. Easy to use with modeling techniques. Clean up is also easy; no messy crumbs and dries smoothly. Its smooth texture ensures a satisfying and enjoyable sculpting experience.

Vibrant Colors:
Our Modeling Clay comes in a wide range of vibrant colors that will ignite your creativity. From bold fluorescent hues to soft natural/earth, our color palette allows you to express your artistic vision in captivating ways.

Versatility in Creativity:
From intricate sculptures and figurines to jewelry making and decorative items, you can blend different colors together to create custom shades, and add textures and details.

Non-Toxic and Safe for Everyone:
Ideal for adults and kids, age 3 & up. Specially developed for early learning. Kid-friendly and parent-approved! Whether you’re a parent looking for a creative outlet for your child or an art instructor organizing workshops, our clay provides a worry-free and enjoyable experience.

Unlock your creativity, explore new techniques, and indulge in the joy of sculpting with a medium that is both versatile and user-friendly. Order your set of Modeling Clay today and embark on an exciting artistic adventure that knows no limits! Get ready to mold, shape, and inspire with our Modeling Clay.