Floral Decoration Day

As we are days away from the big event, we had one more opportunity to finish decorating our 2023 Rose Parade Float – Launching our Future Generation. Again, we invited our BAZIC employees as well as their friends and families to join us in decorating and finalizing the float. On December 28th, we met at the Rosemont Pavilion in Pasadena where our float was staying until the day of the Rose Parade.

The last week of December was a busy one for AES. They had hundreds of volunteers come in to finish the floats before the big day. We started again early in the morning at 8am and BAZIC members slowly started to trickle in as well as the hundreds of other volunteers. We checked everyone outside the gates and they all started with the vials.

📷 Check out our photos from the event! 📷

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