NEW: 2-in-1 Mechanical Pencil & 4-Fashion Color Pen w/ Grip

Elevate Your Writing Experience with our NEW 2-in-1 Mechanical Pencil & 4-Fashion Color Pen w/ Grip

Add a pop of color to your writing, drawing, and coloring with our 2-In-1 Mechanical Pencil and 4-Fashion Color Pen. Enjoy the convenience of a mechanical pencil and the versatility of four fashionable pastel colors ink, all in one compact design.

This product is perfect for those who need to switch between writing in different colors and styles without having to carry multiple writing tools.

The mechanical pencil component of this product is perfect for precise writing and drawing. With a comfortable grip, it is easy to hold and control, making it perfect for drafting, sketching, and taking notes. The 0.7mm lead size ensures that your writing is always sharp and clear, allowing you to create detailed and accurate work.

You will also find four different colored inks, including Purple, Blue, Pink, and Green. This allows you to easily switch between colors, making it perfect for color coding your notes or creating vibrant and colorful artwork. With a simple click mechanism, switching between colors is effortless.

The grip of this product is designed to provide maximum comfort during use, making it easy to write for extended periods without experiencing discomfort. The ergonomic design also ensures that you have a firm grip on the pen, reducing the chances of slipping and making mistakes.

Our 2-In-1 Mechanical Pencil and 4-Fashion Color Pen is perfect for students, artists, writers, and anyone who needs a reliable and versatile writing instrument. With its sleek and modern design, it’s also a great gift idea for your friends and family.