NEW: Collorelli & Essence Scented Gel Pens

Delight Your Senses with Our Scented Gel Pens

Unleash your creativity while experiencing the juicy fruity essence of our new scented gel pens! Coming in an assortment of three different color collections: glitter, fluorescent, and metallic, the duality of the pens make it perfect for note taking, writing, coloring, and doodling. Its pleasant and sweet aroma is accompanied by a collection of 24 different vibrant colored pens- finding the perfect color for your drawings has never been made easier! 

The smear-free ink allows for you to maintain the pace of your writing without worrying about the annoying disturbance of smudged ink. Further adding on to the functionality of these pens, its medium tip fabricates fine lines that produce smooth and accurate application. Comfortable and efficient, these amazing pens also come with a cushion grip. No more tolerating the inconveniences of smeared ink and mediocre accessibility, comfortably express your artistry with our fun and fresh scented gel pens!

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