DIY Pop-Up Christmas Card

🎄 Ho Ho Ho 🎄

Time to spread some cheer and joyful greetings to your friends and family this holiday season. We hope you enjoy this fun and interesting Christmas Card DIY craft that we have for you 😄

Materials you will need:

Step 1: Gather your materials.

Step 2: Preparing your card

  • Take any colored 9×12 inch poster board (or sturdy paper), fold it in half and lay it out.
  • Take any colored 8.5×11 inch construction paper, fold it in half, and lay it on top of the poster board to where the folds align.
  • Glue together the poster board and construction paper to create your card. 
  • Set aside.

Step 3: Making the Pop-up Christmas tree

  • Grab a green construction paper (8.5x11in) and fold it like a fan or an accordion
  • Once it is all folded, take a ruler and mark at 5cm following with 4cm, 3cm, 2cm, and 1cm.
  • Cut from those marks. 
  • Lay out the different layers. 
  • Starting with the 5cm piece (which will be the bottom layer), grab the ends and glue them horizontally to where the card folds. 
  • Repeat with remaining layers to make the tree.
  • To create the Christmas tree trunk
    • Grab a brown construction paper and measure the height of your trunk
    • Make a rectangle .
    • Once you have your rectangle cut out, fold it in half then fold the ends to where you made your fold (kind of similar to how you folded the tree)
    • Align the fold to the middle of the card and glue the ends

Step 4: Decorate

  • Now that your Christmas tree is complete, you can decorate however you like! 
  • You can use markers, glitter, stickers, anything to make your Christmas card stand out!

Step 5: Enjoy!

Watch our step-by-step tutorial to create your Pop-up Christmas Card:

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