EVENTS: Downtown Anaheim Back to School Market

We were invited to join Downtown Anaheim Back to School Market on August 3rd, 2023. Their farmers market is one of their smaller/ intimate events and it takes place every Thursday of the year. Every month they sprinkle in a fun theme to keep the market exciting and to expand to a bigger demographic. This Back to School Market included the weekly farmers market vendors, along with 5-10 “on theme” specialty vendors that will attend just for this day. Since the theme was Back to School and we are a School & Office supply company, they thought we would be a great fit for the event.

This is our first time working with Downtown Anaheim as well as attending a farmers market kind of event. It was definitely an intimate event, but the people who came by were very kind and happy to check out our booth. As usual we did our sign-up giveaways for people to get a free item and tote bag. For arts and crafts, we had our Summer Popsicle Paper Craft.

📷 Check out some of the photos from the event! 📷

We would like to thank Downtown Anaheim for inviting us to this event! We enjoyed our time with the community and we hope to join in another event some time in the future.

For more information on Downtown Anaheim visit their website at

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