NEW: 5″ Kids Training Scissors

✂️ 5″ Kids Training Scissors for Little Learners 🧒

Designed specifically for little learners, these scissors are the perfect tool to help children develop their fine motor skills and learn the art of cutting. With safety as our utmost priority, these scissors offer a safe and enjoyable experience for children while they explore the world of arts and crafts.

Perfectly Sized for Little Hands:
Our 5″ Kids Training Scissors are thoughtfully designed to fit comfortably in small hands. We understand that children’s motor skills are still developing, so we have created scissors that are just the right size for little ones to hold and control with ease. These scissors provide an excellent grip, allowing children to cut with precision and confidence. Ideal for beginners, kindergarten kid, and preschooler.

Enhanced Safety Features:
BAZIC safety scissors are designed for little hands with rounded tips and plastic blades to safely cut paper only – not hair, skin, or fingers. Item measure: 5.25″ x 2.5″. These scissors have an ergonomic handle to maximize comfort for small hands use. Made of Polystyrene (PS) plastic.

Training Mode for Skill Development:
Training lever opens the blade automatically after each cut. Safely teach preschool children how to properly open and close the scissors worry-free. Inspire their creativity with art works, DIY scrapbook, or cards without the fear of injuries.

Vibrant and Colorful:
We believe that learning should be fun and exciting! Our 5″ Kids Training Scissors feature 6 vibrant colors that capture the imagination of young minds.

With their perfect size, enhanced safety features, training mode, and vibrant design, these scissors are the ideal companion for every little artist. Get ready to witness your child’s creativity take flight as they explore the joy of cutting with our new product. Order your 5″ Kids Training Scissors today and unlock a world of artistic possibilities for your little ones!