DIY: How To Make Valentine’s Day Butterfly Craft

💗 Make hearts flutter this Valentine’s Day with this DIY Butterfly Craft💗

Create this fun DIY Valentine’s Day Butterfly Craft with your loved ones this Valentines Day. This is a great and fun craft to do whether it’s with your significant other or a fun project you can do for your class this Valentine’s Day. All the material used for this Valentines Day Craft is readily available for you with the links down below!

For this craft you will need:

#5027 – Fluorescent Poster Board (or color construction paper)
#4410 – School Scissors 5″ Blunt Tip Soft Grip
#766 – Pencil
#2014 – White Glue
#1220 – 10 Color Broad Line Mini Markers
#3866 – Heart Sticker Rolls
#3465 – Glitter Glue
#713 – Wood Pencil w/ Eraser Metallic Glitter

Step 1: Gather your materials and print out our Heart Template

Step 2: Cut out heart template

Step 3: Trace two hearts on poster board and cut out

Step 4: Taking 1 heart, mark 2 horizontal lines close to the bottom of the heart. Cut the 2 line to create a slit for the pencil

Step 5: Use glue to adhere pointed edges of the 2 hearts together to create the butterfly “wings”

Step 6: Decorate butterfly “wings” with markers, stickers, and/or glitter glue

Step 7: Stick a pencil through the slit to create the butterfly’s “body”

Step 8: Enjoy!

If you want to get a more in-depth look at how we made our Valentines Day Butterfly Craft, watch our step-by-step tutorial on our YouTube Channel.


And if you’re local to Los Angeles County, gather the kids and stop by The Shops at Montebello for their Valentine’s Day Kids Club Event! Here, your children will get to make this fun and easy craft in-person with some of our materials listed above on Friday, February 11th from 4pm – 5:30pm! See you there!

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