BAZIC Spotlight: Chelsea Bishop

Meet Ms. Chelsea!

Chelsea is a young art teacher in Southern California who teaches art to kids 4-12 years old. With an extensive background in the arts and a deep understanding of various artistic techniques, Chelsea possesses an ability to ignite the creative spark within her students.

We made a visit to her class to check out our products being used first-hand. Chelsea has been loving our 48 Color Watercolor Palette and has made a lot of projects with them. Prior to visiting her, the first project she made with our watercolor palette was a painting of a corgi in space. She mentioned that it has been a favorite across all of her classes and that they have at least done it once.

After chatting up with her and doing a brief interview, her first class of the day started at 3:30pm with her pre-k students (ages 4-5). She planned on using the watercolor palette for this class and they were painting a lion in the jungle. The next class, with kids ages 5-6, started at 4:30pm and they were working with the air dry modeling clay creating a sheep in a field. Lastly, she had her 5:30pm class with kids ages 7 and up using the alcohol-based markers creating an underwater drawing.

All of the kids were super creative and great at creating their artwork! It was such a surprise to see how well the kids were creating their pieces using our products.

Watch our video about Chelsea and
her experience with our art products!

📷 Check out some of the photos! 📷

We would like to thank Chelsea for loving our brand! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your class. We can’t wait to see more amazing artwork from these kids!

For more information about Chelsea, visit her linktree.

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