EVENTS: CSUF Back to School

The first week back at school is not just about getting settled into classes and adjusting to campus life – it’s also about kicking off the academic year with a bang!

We made a visit to California State University Fullerton for their first week back to school. Our last visit to CSUF was back in 2020, so it’s been awhile since we’ve been on their campus! We were located right outside the University Store – Titans Shop – were many students walked by. As usual, we were out there promoting our brand and giving out 1 free item and a tote bag to students who sign up with us. We also had a game of “pencil pong” for students to get a chance at picking out another free item if they land a pencil into one of the red cups! It was a hot day out in Fullerton, but that didn’t stop us from engaging with the students.

📷 Check out some of the photos from the event! 📷

We would like to thank CSUF for having us visit their campus! We had a great time engaging with the students (:

For more information on California State University Fullerton visit their website at

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