EVENTS: CSULB Fall 2022 Beach Bash

On August 19th, 2022, California State University Long Beach (CSULB) held their Fall 2022 Beach Bash (located in front of the University Bookstore – 49ers Shop). We were invited to promote our brand along side other businesses and college organizations. We gave out school supplies and created a photo frame designed specifically for CSULB for anyone to take photos with. Our yellow buckets filled with school supplies and our bubble machine definitely brought joy and attention to our booth. Many CSULB students and families came out and enjoyed their time as they get themselves prepared for the new school year.

📷 Check out our photos from the event! 📷

We would like to thank CSULB for inviting us to this event. It was a great experience as this was our first college campus event of the year and we hope to join in on more CSULB events in the future. We hope the students enjoy our products and have a great school year!

If you’re a student at The Beach, we have a section of our products that you can purchase at the University Bookstore (49ers Shop)

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