DIY Wrapping Paper

You’ve spent so much time picking out the perfect gift for your loved ones.  Now it’s time to spend a little TLC on the presentation of your great gift. We’ll go over a few simple wrapping paper designs that are not only adorable but they’re really easy to make.

You can find video instructions for a couple of our designs at our YouTube channel.

Here are a list of basic supplies you’ll need:

If you’re feeling a little extra, grab yourself some duct tape as well so you can make your own bows.  The holographic design is amazing!

After you’ve gathered all your supplies, use our brown wrapping paper and clear tape to wrap your presents with, so you have lots of empty canvases to create on.  Once that’s done, let’s get crafting!

Perfect Polka Dots

This super simple design was created by alternating rows of bingo marker colors.  Make sure you cover the entire box on all sides. It’s a classic design that’s great for any age.

Written with Love

Wrap up your present with love by adding a few words from the heart.  Keep it simple with just one saying over and over again for a chic design that’s sure to tug at those heart strings.  We alternated the red and green metallic markers to give it extra dimension.

Reindeer Games

This design is probably one of our favorites.  Everyone loves their favorite red nosed reindeer!  We used our white poster board to cut out two large circles for the eyes and two tiny circles for the pupils; black poster board was used for two small circles for the eyes as well; brown poster board for antlers; and we, of course, had to use the red glitter poster board to cut out a circle for the nose.  The glitter poster board definitely made his nose shine bright!  Simply adhere all the pieces to your present, add a little duct tape bow tie and you’ll have the cutest reindeer present in town!

Light it up

Finally a design that you can get messy with!  Kids will love getting their hands into some finger paint to create their very own Christmas light design.  We suggest you draw out the line where the lights will go with a black permanent marker first. Then, let the kids at it with the finger paint.  Before the paint dries, sprinkle on some glitter. You’ll be sparkling and shining in no time!

Starry Night

If getting your hands into some paint and glitter isn’t your cup of tea, we’ve got a design using stickers that is less messy but equally as sparkly.  We scattered our star stickers all over to create a starry night effect. It’s great because you can place the stars anywhere and it’ll still look nice.  If you’re looking to be even more adventurous, go ahead and create a constellation design.

Bubbly Fun

We really couldn’t leave out our fantastic metallic bubble mailers from this DIY wrapping series.  The vibrant colors on these mailers make it difficult to part with our mail but it comes in super handy, especially, during the holidays.  Wrap any of your presents that need some extra cushion and then decorate the front with a bow or some alphabet letters to take it over the top.  If you created the bow from our DIY Paper Doll Costume in October, you can easily recycle that into a super cute design for the bubble mailer as well!  That’s upcycling at its finest!

Get creative and have fun with your designs!  Each design can be as simple or complex as you’d like to make it.  The most important thing is that you personalized it with love and that in itself already gives it a little extra magical touch for the holiday season!

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