NEW PRODUCTS: Super Glue Pen

2008_EBmainTOPsmallSometimes, the regular, white, all-purpose glue you remember fondly in grade school just doesn’t cut it. Gluing paper? Sure. Gluing some cardboard together? Maybe. Gluing a model kit of your favorite car? Yeah, not so much. Jobs like that require something stronger and more reliable, and that’s why we’re releasing a new Super Glue Pen!

This glue pen is designed to accurately apply your adhesive to the spot you need. Have a ceramic bowl you dropped and chipped? Have a collectible toy you’ve accidentally broke? This should solve the problem. The glue is really easy to apply, just simply add a bit of pressure to the tip and the adhesive should begin flowing out!

But caution, this Super Glue Pen is an eye irritant and will bond skin and eyes in seconds, so just as with any strong adhesives, be careful when using this and keep it away from children. Of course, we always think about safety, which is why all of our pens come with a handy, childproof bottle and cap!


  • Glue pen uses precision tip applicator that will allow for glue to flow out only when pressure is applied.
  • Precision tip application eliminates clogs that may happen to the pen’s tip.
  • Glue dries clear.
  • Bonds great to wood, metal, leather, ceramics, rubber and plastic surfaces.
  • Super glue pen comes with childproof bottle and cap for safety.
  • Ideal for repairing figurines, toys, costume jewelry, camera, toys, car parts, small electronics, ceramic pots and much more!

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