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Happy 4th of July!

Celebrate the red, white and blue with some art, crafts and Bazic! … also, the BBQ. Don’t forget the BBQ. – Bazic Team

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NEW PRODUCTS: Bazic Clear Front Backpacks

Most people do not want others to know what’s in their purse, suitcase, duffle bag or backpack. To them, it’s their private property and they don’t need others to know what they carry around with them. On the other hand, you would want places like schools, large stadiums, airports and […]

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NEW PRODUCTS: Bazic Roller Backpack Series

The summer is here, which means it’s back to school season! Time to gear up and get ready for the new school year… or are you on summer break and want to go on vacation? Well, if you’re any of the above categories, we have something you might want to […]

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Happy Father’s Day!

We hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day! – Bazic Team

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